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To some starting a band may be a dream that will see them become mega rock stars and tour the world, to others it may just be a hobby and something to look forward to being a part of in their spare time however, either way starting a band can be a tougher process than you would initially think. If you don’t put time and effort into initially starting your band you could be putting yourself in future stress that could see you constantly having to replace band members or not having members be ready to play songs whether you are out on gigs. So here are few tips and tricks to starting a band that will help you be a success from the get go.


It is important to know who you will need when starting your band, you may be a guitarist, a lead vocalist, or a drummer and you may think this will put you on your way to starting a band. However, you must fill in the gaps but also know that you can’t have too many people with the same role, as this can lead to rivalry and confusion within the band, having two drummers especially can lead to fights and disputes that will set your band off on the wrong foot. It is important to also know what kind of genre of music you will be playing as different genres will require different roles and different people. So to begin you must understand and figure out what roles you will need to fill and then begin to find your musicians.


This may be daunting to start off with, having to look around and ask around for strangers to join your band, however, there are a variety of ways to look around and techniques to finding what you need to fill your rolls. You could contact local studios and rehearsal rooms, the people working at these places will be familiar with who is playing in different bands and who may be looking for a new role. You could also check on the internet, websites like Craigslist always have ads for people looking to join a band and you could also post your own add. Look for music forums and post there, you’ll find that people are wanting to be part of a band as much as you are. Finally, simply asking around can lead to you finding people you didn’t even know played an instrument or someone who is simply looking for their chance to be part of a gig.


Next, it is important to establish ground rules and find out who is the leader of the band. While this may seem confrontational, having a designated leader will keep things organised and ensure ground rules such as when and where you practice and also make people want to do their all for the band if they know there is a chance they could be ousted out. It’s also important for this leader to be someone who asks the opinions of the whole band, whether it be about booking a gig or trying out new songs.


Now you should be ready to start playing! Here you’ll find how people react to being live and practising and the early months will show you who is right for the band and who has similar ambitions to you.


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